Welcome to Gresham Partners

We are a nationally recognized,* independent investment and wealth management firm that has been serving select families, family offices, foundations and endowments since 1997 as an outsourced chief investment officer and a multi-family office.

Integrated Solutions for Families With Wealth…

who want it to survive for future generations, and endowments and foundations with similar long-term goals.

Gresham’s Risk Conscious® Investment Approach…

is designed to preserve and grow the real purchasing power of assets and avoid the permanent loss of capital.

A Client Experience That Is Different…

because – due to our independence – we avoid conflicts of interest that affect many firms and maintain alignment with our clients’ best interests.

Thought Leadership & Recognition

Gresham’s 2020 Annual Outlook "Rebound"

We provide our observations regarding the global economy and capital markets, the death of “dumb” value investing, and...

Gresham Again Named Best Multi-Family Office

Gresham named in 2019 Best Multi-Family Office Between $5B and $15B AUM/AUA by Family Wealth Report Panel.

Gresham Moved Up to #4 by Barron's

Barron’s ranks Gresham #4 in its 2018 Top 100 Independent RIAs based on quality of practice, assets, revenue and other factors.

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