About Gresham

We are a fully independent, nationally recognized* investment and wealth management firm that serves our clients as a multi-family office and an outsourced chief investment officer.

We have been serving select families, family offices, foundations and endowments since 1997. Today, we manage or advise on about $5.5 billion for about 100 clients located nationally, about 25% of whom have been Gresham clients since the firm’s inception.

We are committed to providing superior investment performance by utilizing select, difficult-to-access managers in a full range of asset classes that are located globally, none of which are affiliated with Gresham.

We make these managers available to our clients in a flexible format well suited to achieving a broad spectrum of investor goals. As a multi-family office, we integrate this investment approach with client-specific wealth planning strategies and other personalized wealth management services.

The Gresham Name

Gresham Partners takes its name from Sir Thomas Gresham (1519 – 1579), but it has no affiliation with his family. Sir Gresham was a financier, advisor to three British monarchs and founder of the Royal Exchange. His counsel to Elizabeth I is credited with restoring the value of the pound sterling after it had been debased during the reign of her predecessors.