A trusted advisor for a quarter of a century.


Gresham provides investment and wealth planning services to a select group of ultra-high-net worth individuals and families.

We advise on approximately $8.0 billion for about 121 clients (as of 12/31/22), most of whom are current or retired business owners, corporate executives and professional investors – people who, in our view, have the highest standards and won’t settle for anything but the best. 

Today’s independence ensured for tomorrow.

Other wealth management firms prioritize growth with a goal of selling to a bank or other financial institution. These sales can change the firm’s culture and not benefit its clients. Gresham is and always has been 100% owned by its senior professionals and we are committed to retaining that independence. 

From the very beginning, Gresham’s ownership structure has been designed to maintain its independence. The leadership and ownership of the firm have already passed to second- and third-generation owners.  And, we work hard to ensure this process continues into the future.

We believe Gresham’s long-term independence matches our clients’ long-term investment and planning horizons, helps them achieve their goals and aligns our interests with their interests.

A different approach to serving clients.

Other wealth management firms are governed by a common set of behaviors and assumptions that we believe do not serve the best interests of their clients.

They sell their own products; they view investing as a commodity service; and they chase growth at the expense of performance and service. We think there is a better way to serve clients.

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