As we head into our 25th anniversary, this year’s Annual Letter looks back at our beginnings and highlights the cherished principles which have allowed us to succeed over the years.

Our 2019 Annual Letter celebrates our coming of age (21) and describes our commitments to creative destruction, reinvention and …

Gresham has been named the “Best Multi-Family Office Between $5B and $15B AUM/AUA” by Family Wealth Report’s panel of industry experts

We assess the opportunities and risks we see as the investment environment changes throughout the world …

Gresham Partners, a nationally recognized* independent investment and wealth management firm, has been ranked #4 in Barron’s 2018 Top 100 Independent RIAs.  Gresham moved up to the #4 ranking from #9 in 2017 and #13 in 2016.

Gresham believes that the opportunity set for investment in U.S. businesses has declined within public equity markets while it has increased in private equity markets.  This shift may justify a reassessment of asset allocations between public and private investments.

This year’s Annual Letter provide an update on our firm and shares thoughts regarding various topics, including our 20th Anniversary as an independent investment and wealth management firm and the reasons for that notable accomplishment.

We share our views on how investors should act in the face of expected changes in global central bank policies and current elevated asset prices.

Here is the letter Ted Neild, Gresham’s chief investment officer and president, sent Gresham clients and other friends highlighting this year’s Annual Outlook.

How are investment risks and potential returns changing in India? Are investment opportunities there comparable to those in other developing markets?

Gresham ranks #9 in Barron’s 2017 Top 100 Independent RIAs listing based on assessments of assets, revenue and quality of practice, not explicit investment performance or actual client experience.

Gresham named “Best Multi-Family Office Above $3 Billion AUM/AUA” by independent panel of industry experts assembled by Family Wealth Report.

We assess how elevated valuations, Fed tightening and oil price declines impact a range of investment themes.

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