We believe Gresham’s long-term success as both a multi-family office and an outsourced chief investment officer is unusual and is a result of:

  • Our commitment to integrating superior investment performance with highly personalized wealth planning.
  • Our history of delivering results that help clients grow their wealth.
  • Our comprehensive, customized reporting that supports our investment and wealth planning services.
  • Highly experienced advisors who work closely with each client and lead a team whose members know the client and, importantly, whom the client knows.
  • Services that are reinforced by family member education tailored to each family’s unique circumstances, which may include various types of family meetings.
  • Keeping our interests aligned with our clients’ interests by being wholly owned by our senior professionals, having client fees as our sole source of compensation, avoiding conflicts of interest such as advisors being compensated for investment selection or cross-selling products, and acting as a fiduciary for our clients, dedicated to serving their best interests.

Client Benefits

  • Investment services integrated with wealth planning services.
  • A highly personalized relationship with an experienced team whose interests are aligned with their interests.