ALI CLE: National Webinar – Nuptial Agreements for Estate Planners

Kim Kamin, Chief Wealth Strategist at Gresham Partners, LLC, conducted a national webinar with Meighan Harmon, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, for ALI‐CLE titled “Nuptial Agreements for Estate Planners.” Even the best estate plans can be thrown off course by marital agreements that were drafted outside the estate planning process. This multi‐disciplinary session addressed how nuptial agreements work and what estate planning attorneys need to know when working with clients who have, want or need nuptial agreements. The webinar covered what practitioners should consider when it comes to pre‐marital and post‐marital agreements, from the perspective of a family law attorney and also from the perspective of a former estate planning practitioner who is now a wealth strategist with a multi‐family office.

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