Irene joined Gresham in 2020 as a Senior Investment Analyst on the Investment Team focusing on private market investment strategies. Her responsibilities include manager search, research, due diligence, execution and portfolio monitoring.

Erin joined Gresham in 2019 as an Investment Team & Strategic Initiatives Administrative Coordinator. She is responsible for managing and coordinating logistics for the Investment Team as well as supporting our Vice Chairman, Wally Head.

Toufik joined Gresham’s Investment Team in 2018 to meet the Team’s growing demand for advanced technologies and data analysis. Toufik’s responsibilities include performance and exposure analytics, maintaining the Investment Team’s data and streamlining data workflows for reporting efficiency.

Tim is a consultant to Gresham and serves as a member of its Investment Committee. Prior to establishing his own investment firm in 2019, Tim was a Principal and Portfolio Manager with Gresham, focusing on sourcing and vetting a wide range of private investments. Tim brings over 15 years of experience managing alternative and private fund portfolios in a wide range of investing environments.

Joe serves as an Investment Associate, focusing on the firm’s private equity, real estate, and natural resources investment programs. His responsibilities include manager search, research, due diligence, execution and portfolio monitoring. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA®) designations.

Coco joined Gresham in 2019, where her responsibilities include extensive due diligence and analysis of potential investment opportunities, as well as sourcing, structuring and execution of investments. She is also actively involved in monitoring of investment performance.

Steve joined Gresham’s Investment Team in 2008, where his responsibilities have evolved from performance analytics to a broader set of investment functions, including investment research and systems evaluation for the investment team’s risk monitoring framework. Steve is actively involved in the sourcing and evaluation of prospective investments, as well as the ongoing monitoring of existing investments.

Sean is a senior member of Gresham’s Investment Team, serving as Portfolio Manager for its private market investment strategies. His primary responsibilities include developing, sourcing and executing private investments around the world.

Joe is a senior member of Gresham’s Investment Team and a member of its Investment Committee, serving as a Portfolio Manager for its marketable strategies investment partnerships. Joe uses his research, analytical and trading experience to identify, evaluate and help select compelling investment strategies and managers on a global basis. His background in quantitative modeling was instrumental in developing the firm’s manager due diligence process and risk monitoring framework. Joe has experience in all aspects of Gresham’s investment platform, including overseeing all back-office functions of the firm’s investment partnerships.

One of Gresham’s founders, Ben brings over 40 years of investment advisory and wealth management experience to Gresham. He established and continues to be involved with many of the firm’s investment initiatives, primarily focusing on asset allocation strategies. Ben continues to serve as a senior advisor to certain clients. He is active in increasing the national visibility of the firm and he is a member of Gresham’s Operating Committee.

Ted serves as the firm’s President and Chief Investment Officer. In his role as CIO, Ted chairs Gresham’s Investment Committee and leads its Investment Team to establish investment themes and identify opportunities that fit within the firm’s unconventional investment approach. Unlike traditional investment approaches, Gresham’s success is predicated on identifying and gaining access to select managers located around the world. Ted also shapes the firm’s views and practices to overcome the limitations of commonly accepted investment principals and practices that have failed investors, particularly during the most difficult market environments. In his role as President, Ted is responsible for establishing Gresham’s strategic
direction and chairing its Operating Committee.

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