Allie joined Gresham in 2020 as an Operations Analyst. She is responsible for maintaining client portfolio data and our Client Relationship Management system. She works closely with our Client Service Team on client reporting and data management integrity.

Meredith is Chief Operating Officer, Principal and a member of the firm’s Operating Committee.  She is responsible for leading investment operations, finance, client operations, technology, business process improvements, administration, facilities and compliance.  Meredith is focused on providing strategic quality support services, scalable platforms and process improvements to advance the firm’s differentiated investment solutions and wealth management services.

Robert joined Gresham as Chief Compliance Officer in 2020. He is responsible for the firm’s compliance and information security programs.

May joined Gresham in 2020 as the Executive Assistant to Kim Kamin, Gresham’s Wealth Strategist. May provides key support for Gresham’s wealth transfer planning activities, including production of client meeting materials, scheduling and assisting with estate planning projects.

Melissa joined Gresham in 2019 as Office Coordinator. Melissa is responsible for ensuring that the office runs smoothly, providing administrative support for our day-to-day operations and creating a welcoming environment for our clients and guests.

Kayla joined Gresham in 2019 as an Administrative Assistant. Kayla provides support for several areas of the firm but in particular she supports the Client Service Team. She assists with client service material, contributes to ongoing organizational projects and steps in wherever there is an administrative need.

Marge joined Gresham Partners in 2014 as an Executive Assistant and a key member of its Client Service Team. In 2020, she became the Administration and Project Support Specialist. Marge’s responsibilities include administration, information audit and Client Service project support across the firm as Gresham continues to improve and implement new infrastructure, specifically in the areas of Client Service and Operations.

Emma joined Gresham in 2017 as a Client Service Coordinator. She is responsible for producing client meeting materials and supporting the Client Service Team, and she is the primary liaison for Greenhouse Scholars, an education non-profit organization that Gresham supports. In addition to those responsibilities, Emma also facilitates Gresham’s annual client event.

Kim joined Gresham in 2007 and became Client Service Coordinator in 2008. Kim is responsible for all facets of client meetings including scheduling and production of materials, as well as supporting the Client Service Team.

Noelle joined Gresham in 2017 as a Marketing and Business Development Associate. Noelle is responsible for creating, designing and maintaining all marketing and business development materials; creating prospect meeting books; updating and maintaining Gresham’s website; and, responding to surveys and other requests for information.

Deb’s responsibilities include coordinating technology, business analysis, and project management. She has been with Gresham both as an independent consultant and employee since its founding, and also worked as a consultant for Brownson, Rehmus and Foxworth.

Daniella joined Gresham in 2017 as an HR Compliance Associate. In this role, she is responsible for Human Resources activities, including payroll, benefits administration and performance management. She also works directly with the Chief Compliance Officer to monitor compliance policies and security awareness training.

Shafer joined Gresham in 2019. She works with both the Client Service Team and Operations Team, and she serves as a contact between Gresham and the custodian.

Emily joined Gresham in 2017 and works as the liaison between the Client Service and Operations Teams. She is also a designated contact between Gresham and the custodian.

Kamil joined Gresham in 2019 as an Operations Analyst. He is responsible for maintaining client portfolio data and our Client Relationship Management system. He works closely with our Client Service Team on client reporting and data management integrity.

Shannon joined Gresham in 2012 as an Operations Analyst. She is responsible for maintaining client portfolio data and our Client Relationship Management system and report set-up and generation. In 2017, Shannon became a Senior Operations Analyst.

Jeanne joined Gresham in 2010, having spent over 14 years in the financial industry with experience in client service, operations and technology. She is responsible for managing Gresham’s project portfolio, including coordinating the sequencing and execution of projects, creating project plans, maintaining project communication, analyzing and improving current business processes, and specifying/maintaining systems solutions. She also provides guidance for quality assurance of client portfolio data and reports.

Bob joined Gresham in 2014. He is responsible for overseeing client reporting and performance analysis, validating the integrity of data. Bob also leads an Operations group that works closely with the Client Service Team, developing process enhancements and improving scalability.

Ken joined Gresham in 2015. Ken is a Principal and member of the operating committee, having served as Chief Operating Officer through 2020. He will retire at the end of 2021 and focus his remaining time on supporting the transition to Gresham’s new COO and special projects.

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