Meredith is Chief Operating Officer, Principal and a member of the firm’s Operating Committee.  She is responsible for leading investment operations, finance, client operations, technology, business process improvements, administration, facilities and compliance.  Meredith is focused on providing strategic quality support services, scalable platforms and process improvements to advance the firm’s differentiated investment solutions and wealth management services.

Sean is a senior member of Gresham’s Investment Team, serving as Portfolio Manager for its private market investment strategies. His primary responsibilities include developing, sourcing and executing private investments around the world.

Joe is a senior member of Gresham’s Investment Team and a member of its Investment Committee, serving as a Portfolio Manager for its marketable strategies investment partnerships. Joe uses his research, analytical and trading experience to identify, evaluate and help select compelling investment strategies and managers on a global basis. His background in quantitative modeling was instrumental in developing the firm’s manager due diligence process and risk monitoring framework. Joe has experience in all aspects of Gresham’s investment platform, including overseeing all back-office functions of the firm’s investment partnerships.

Ken joined Gresham in 2015. Ken is a Principal and member of the operating committee, having served as Chief Operating Officer through 2020. He will retire at the end of 2021 and focus his remaining time on supporting the transition to Gresham’s new COO and special projects.

One of Gresham’s founders, Ben brings over 40 years of investment advisory and wealth management experience to Gresham. He established and continues to be involved with many of the firm’s investment initiatives, primarily focusing on asset allocation strategies. Ben continues to serve as a senior advisor to certain clients. He is active in increasing the national visibility of the firm and he is a member of Gresham’s Operating Committee.

Ted serves as the firm’s President and Chief Investment Officer. In his role as CIO, Ted chairs Gresham’s Investment Committee and leads its Investment Team to establish investment themes and identify opportunities that fit within the firm’s unconventional investment approach. Unlike traditional investment approaches, Gresham’s success is predicated on identifying and gaining access to select managers located around the world. Ted also shapes the firm’s views and practices to overcome the limitations of commonly accepted investment principals and practices that have failed investors, particularly during the most difficult market environments. In his role as President, Ted is responsible for establishing Gresham’s strategic
direction and chairing its Operating Committee.

Leisa is responsible for delivering Gresham’s integrated wealth management services to a select group of families and business leaders. She helps her clients navigate and surmount the challenges associated with retirement planning, income tax planning and estate planning by applying a highly disciplined approach characterized by attentiveness to detail. Leisa is skilled at building meaningful relationships with younger generations and is often tapped by wealthy families to educate their children about the complexities of inherited wealth.

Greg serves as an Advisor to client families and works closely with the Investment Team to facilitate the communication of key investment themes, asset allocation concepts, portfolio implementation strategies and performance results. Greg brings over 15 years of investment experience focused primarily on alternative investment strategies, having served as a portfolio manager and senior investment research professional.

With over 35 years in the investment management field, Lee draws upon her deep and varied experience to provide creative, tailored solutions that help her clients successfully transition through key life events. Her client experience includes the sale of a large Chicago-based family business from the founder to his children, the retirement of a Fortune 500 CEO to entrepreneur status, and the successful integration of the second generation of a family into their family plan due to the untimely death of the first generation.

Kim joined Gresham after spending many years as a practicing attorney who counseled families regarding the preservation and transfer of their wealth over multiple generations. In her role at Gresham, Kim leads the development and implementation of estate, wealth transfer, philanthropic, education and fiduciary planning activities, advising clients and speaking and writing on topics related to managing multi-generational wealth.

Wally leads Gresham’s strategic initiatives to grow the business and raise the firm’s national visibility, and he serves as a senior advisor to families and their related entities. Wally draws on over 35 years of experience serving as a senior executive in trust, investment, wealth management and family office advisory firms, and as a personal advisor to wealthy individuals and families. As the founder of Personal Fiduciary Advisors, LLC (“PFA”), now a subsidiary of Gresham, Wally provided unconflicted consulting services to wealthy families, family offices, banks and investment advisors.

As a former attorney with ShawPittman, and a CPA with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young’s National Tax Department, David draws upon a broad and deep knowledge base to provide wealth transfer planning advice. His varied professional experience includes structuring the purchase of a professional NFL team and advising Andersen Consulting partners based in the Americas, Europe and Asia on incentive compensation, and income and estate tax issues in connection with the company’s transition from a partnership to the publicly traded corporation, Accenture.

Matt is an attorney and CPA who specializes in income, gift and estate taxation. Matt advises a number of client families and has been a leader in the development and implementation of Gresham’s extensive estate, wealth transfer and philanthropic planning services.

David is one of Gresham’s founders and oversees the firm’s client service offering, advises client families and serves on Gresham’s Operating Committee. As Director of Client Service, David oversees the firm’s Client Service Team members to ensure they utilize best practices and that their delivery of the firm’s services is consistent across all clients.

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