Portfolio Construction

Our Risk Conscious® investment approach is designed to preserve and grow the real purchasing power of assets and avoid the permanent loss of capital.

Our insistence on being properly rewarded for accepting risk leads us to solutions that differ from conventional approaches.

Asset Allocation

We create true diversification within each asset class and identify near-term inefficiencies and market opportunities.

Investment Strategy

We identify growth opportunities throughout the world and monitor macroeconomic trends, business cycles and asset classes, which can impact asset allocation and manager selection decisions.

Manager Selection

We identify, evaluate and monitor investment managers who share our Risk Conscious® approach, and select those that focus more on performance than gathering assets.

Manager Access

Some managers we select can be accessed directly in client accounts, while others – due to high minimum commitments or other constraints imposed by the managers – can only be accessed through tax-efficient, multi-manager partnerships we manage for our clients.

Manager Due Diligence

Our Investment Team identifies, researches, meets and subjects to ongoing due diligence each manager we use. We have access to industry databases and information provided by leading analysts, but we do not select managers based merely on recommendations by other firms.