Outsourced Services

Each wealth management client works with a Gresham team that helps with the selection of other advisors and facilitates their delivery of Outsourced Services.

Tax Compliance

We work closely with tax return preparers to provide tax forecasting information, develop tax planning strategies and establish tax payment reserves for our clients.

Property, Casualty, Liability & Life Insurance Evaluation

We work closely with insurance professionals to analyze our clients’ existing policies to determine whether types, amounts or sources of risk protection should be changed.

Trust Administration

We help our clients assess and, when appropriate, improve how trusts are or will be administered by named trustees, trust protectors, directors, advisors and other fiduciaries.

Private Travel Management

We work with private travel experts who help our clients understand and implement private travel arrangements.

Administrative Support

We help our clients retain trusted providers of bill payment and other administrative services.

Family Counseling

We help clients who have needs for family counseling services identify and work with individuals or firms that have the appropriate experience and expertise.