Fiduciary Advisory Services

We provide families sophisticated fiduciary advisory services using the resources of Personal Fiduciary Advisors, LLC, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Gresham when Wally Head joined Gresham in 2012.

Gresham’s Fiduciary Advisory Services provide families objective counsel that helps them:

  • Define and integrate the roles of trustees, trust advisors and protectors, beneficiaries, executors, guardians and other fiduciaries.
  • Establish a process for appointing successors.
  • Identify, select, monitor and, when necessary, replace trustees and other fiduciaries.
  • Consider and, if appropriate, establish a private trust company.

Gresham Partners Weighs In On The Fiduciary Standard Debate

David Colton, Principal and Advisor
Wally Head, Principal and Vice Chairman

Client Benefits

  • Wealth managed more professionally and consistently.
  • Improved intra-family relationships regarding the preservation and use of wealth.