Why choose Gresham?

There are four qualities that we believe distinguish Gresham from other firms.

We put clients first, by design.

Gresham is 100% owned by our senior professionals and we have implemented management and ownership succession strategies to preserve our commitment to independence. Additionally, the vast majority of our Partners net worth is invested in Gresham and managed alongside our clients’ assets. Show more

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not sell any proprietary products to clients who receive our wealth management services or get paid to sell other firms’ investment strategies. Compensation is driven by employee performance and it is designed to avoid the conflicts of interest and overzealous growth ambitions that cause many firms to lose their focus on client relationships and investment performance. We thrive when our clients thrive.

We reject conventional wisdom.

In our view, the investment industry revolves around practices developed for institutions, derived from dated academic studies. This conventional approach – from defining risk on a relative basis, to overemphasizing the value of asset allocation, to forcing managers into tight style boxes – hasn’t worked for other institutions and is inappropriate for our clients. Our approach is dramatically different. Show more

Instead of managing to benchmarks, we think about investing from the perspective of what’s important to families: growing their wealth while protecting their capital. We follow a disciplined process that enables us to identify uncommon investment themes and managers overlooked or unavailable to the majority of investors. Our approach, combining personalized strategic asset allocation with our qualitative evaluation of managers, is designed to deliver exceptional returns in both favorable and difficult environments.1
1There can be no guarantee that such returns will be realized or that losses will be avoided.

We offer extraordinary expertise and rigor in wealth planning.

We understand that every family has unique and complex wealth planning needs. Gresham’s Client Advisors have the experience and expertise to counsel families on the most complex strategies and family issues. Show more

Our wealth planning services reflect our deep commitment to our clients’ financial and emotional well-being. We take a holistic view of each client’s circumstances to produce detailed recommendations that reflect their goals and values. We document their decisions and plans (in plain English) and lead their implementation, coordinating with our clients’ other advisors every step of the way.

We free families to simply live their lives.

We take responsibility for coordinating important activities related to our clients’ finances – which is a broad mandate that includes investment management, wealth planning, comprehensive reporting and collaborating with their other advisors – and bringing structure and simplicity to their lives. Show more

Our involvement allows them the opportunity to feel confident that our expertise, attention to detail and understanding of their circumstances will help keep them on their desired path. By helping to simplify the complexities that come with wealth, we can free clients to pursue their dreams and passions.

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