Growing your wealth.
Fulfilling your vision.


Wealth affects every family — and everyone within a family — in different ways.

That’s why we’re deeply involved in guiding our clients through the financial complexities and emotional challenges that accompany it.

Oversight, accountability and personalized attention.

The Gresham team provides integrated investment and wealth planning services and coordinates the delivery of services provided by other firms. A highly experienced Client Advisor leads a team that works closely with each client. We take the time to develop a deep personal understanding of each client’s unique circumstances. That’s why we have found they rely on our advice concerning an enormous array of wealth planning issues, from charitable giving and generational wealth transfer strategies to questions about lifestyle changes and family dynamics. Gresham provides expert counsel, helping families develop a vision for their wealth and implement effective strategies designed to achieve it.

The big picture, in focus.

Our comprehensive reporting system enables us to see each client’s complete financial picture, revealing opportunities for us to make wealth planning recommendations. Customized reports show clients all their assets, including those for which we are not responsible. This proprietary system enables us to track and facilitate the handling of cash transactions, report on complex ownership structures and tailor performance reporting to personalized benchmarks. Our reports can show information by family, household, individual and entity — rather than simply by account, as is typical with other industry reporting systems.

The result: an all-encompassing picture of each client’s entire financial life, delivered with refreshing clarity.

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