Wealth Planning

We help our wealth planning clients set clear goals and, working with their other advisors, develop and implement effective strategies to achieve those goals.

Wealth Transfer Planning

We identify and help implement strategies for the transfer of assets in ways that are consistent with family goals and values, while minimizing the impact of transfer taxes.

Income Tax Planning

We identify and help implement effective strategies for minimizing or managing federal and state income taxes.

Cash Flow Planning and Monitoring

We forecast and monitor cash flows for family members and their investment entities.

Philanthropic Planning

We help families define and then implement their philanthropic goals using a range of philanthropic strategies.

Family Member Education

We help families develop and implement educational programs tailored to their particular circumstances, which may include various types of family meetings.

Fiduciary Planning

We help families use trusts and other fiduciary arrangements, including private trust companies, to control and manage their wealth across generations.

Asset and Performance Reporting

We develop customized reports detailing all of our clients’ assets and the performance of their Gresham-advised assets.